Rebranding minimum wage as ‘living wage’ doesn’t make it so

The rebranding of the new legal minimum wage as a ‘national living wage’ on April 1st doesn’t mean people can afford to live on it. Osborne has set a low bar, while telling anyone who will listen how high it is. Every worker in the UK is feeling the pinch of increased living costs, but the Government’s new living wage doesn’t come close to reflecting how much and how quickly times have changed – and how expensive it is to live.

For companies that truly value their workforce, it shouldn’t even be a legal issue. Employers have a duty of care to their employees, they should be doing everything within their power to ensure their staff have a comfortable and happy life, without the stress of poverty. After all, many of us spend a huge proportion of our lives at or thinking about work.

Unlike the Government’s national living wage, which still means minimum pay and minimum quality of life, the living wage proposed by the Living Wage Foundation actually ensures a better life for employees.

March 31st, 2016
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