Dexra to provide low cost, high quality IT services as part of Scottish Government framework

We are pleased to announce that Dexra has been awarded a place on the Scottish Government’s Application Design and Development Services (ADDS) framework. Dexra’s placement on the framework marks an extension of Dexra’s already significant commercial commitments in Scotland, where it has pledged to create more than 300 local IT jobs. As one of the suppliers on the ADDS framework, Dexra’s dedicated team of on-shore IT specialists will deliver a variety of flexible services including application development, testing, service delivery, design and maintenance.

Launched in August 2016, the ADDS framework forms part of a wider portfolio of ICT Services Frameworks available to public bodies across Scotland. Its key aim is to provide all Scottish public sector and third sector bodies with one-stop access to a commercial arrangement for the purchase of a suite of Application Design and Development Services through providers like Dexra.

“We are deeply committed to Scotland and will continue to invest heavily in its people, future and IT sector,” said Bhuwan Kaushik, Dexra CEO. “Securing a place on the ADDS framework is a big achievement for Dexra. It is an important part of our plans to do more business in Scotland, as well as helping us meet ambitious targets for training and employing more local IT talent.

“Dexra is certainly punching above its weight to be included. We’re one of the youngest companies on the framework right now, and this is a testament to the capabilities of the company. Indeed, I’m supremely confident in our ability to win new business through the ADDS framework, and deliver services of incredible value, quality and speed to the Scottish public sector.”

October 18th, 2016