Dexra leads by example in supporting new digital careers in Scotland with latest appointment

London, 25th October 2016 – Dexra Solutions Ltd., the IT project and software development specialist, has today announced its new hire, Lewis Johnston, as junior java developer who was previously trained on a CodeClan software development course.  He will be based in Edinburgh and joins the company as part of Dexra’s recruitment hiring initiative in Scotland.

Previously working in Aberdeen’s oil and gas industry, Lewis Johnston wanted a career change that would open up new opportunities and see him gain sought after skills.  Following an intensive four month course with CodeClan in Scotland learning to code and building applications, he will hone his practical skills at Dexra with the intention of gaining a professional development award in the near future.

“Taking the plunge to switch careers was no easy decision,” said Lewis Johnston, junior java developer at Dexra.  “With a growing number of jobs available in the IT sector, however, and companies such as Dexra and CodeClan which are supporting training initiatives, I feel very supported in my ambition to start a new chapter of my work-life.  Learning how to code has been hugely rewarding and I’m looking forward to being a fully fledged member of the Dexra team.”

Dexra is a long time advocate of building digital skills in Scotland.  It supports a number of programmes that aim to train new engineers and correct the skills gap that sees many UK technology jobs go unfilled.  The company has also made a commitment to hiring local and offering them a true ‘living wage’.

“We’re thrilled to be in a position to offer new coders like Lewis the chance to develop their skills in the real world,” said Bhuwan Kaushik, CEO of Dexra.  “Practical, hands-on experience is invaluable for those relatively new to the IT sector.  We aim to support Lewis throughout his career by pairing him up with experienced engineers and giving him experience of applying these new skills in a business environment.”

“Businesses like ours have a responsibility to try and actively correct the skills gap that is currently draining the UK economy of resources, jobs and investment.  There are many pieces to this puzzle; changes need to be made to the education system and to training programmes, but we also need to work to create jobs that the UK workforce can fulfil now.  By hiring fledgling engineers and coders, we hope to do our bit in correcting the skills gap,” concluded Kaushik.

About Dexra Solutions Ltd.

Dexra Solutions Ltd. is team of technical experts with a new vision for IT deployments & software development across every vertical. The company has specialist knowledge in development, customisation and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions, advanced web and mobile applications, offering a well-balanced blend of technology skills, domain knowledge, hands-on experience, effective methodology and passion for IT.

October 25th, 2016